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Buddy Membership Sign up for the best group rate.

$200.00 to $300.00 to join with dues as low as $206.00 per month. Kern County's only family add-on term private country club membership. Get your buddies together, decide who will play in your family, decide on the term you want, and you will be on the golf course today. Buddy Memberships sold by appointment with all buddies signing up at the same time to maximize your value.

More Membership Options

  • Family Preferred This is a membership for the entire family with cash equity value.
  • Business Preferred Allows up to three designees, one principal and two subordinates for each designee's family and it carries cash equity value.
  • Executive A non-equity membership that eventually upgrades to a Family Preferred membership after five years.
  • Junior A non-equity membership that will upgrade to a Family Preferred membership at the age 46.

The monthly dues rate is $369.00. Non-Resident and Weekday dues are $279.00 per month. The aforementioned information is illustrative. Actual terms and conditions will be set forth in the respective agreement(s) upon purchase of a membership.

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